What Waste Can I Put In My Skip?
Skips can be us for general waste which is anything normally involved with a general clearance. For a comprehensive list check our Waste Types.

What Waste Can’t I Put In My Skip?
No hazardous waste, this does include TV’s, monitors, fridges, paint, solvents, liquids or any asbestos based products. If you need to dispose of these types of materials we suggest you contact your local council. For a comprehensive list check our Waste Types.

What Is The Average Skip Size?
Please check our Skip Size section for a comprehensive overall of all available sizes and how much waste each will hold. A 6 Yard Skip is the most popular choice, known as ‘Standard Builder’s Skip’.

How Long Can I Keep The Skip?
The general industry standard is normally between 7-14 days, however longer periods are available upon request but may cost more dependent on your area.

When And How Do I Pay For The Skip?
All skips are paid at time of ordering. We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards or through paypal.

How Much Notice Do I Need To Give When Ordering My Skip?
we can have skips delivered within 24 hours of completing your order online or other the phone. Although we are able to supply skips at short notice, we do suggest booking your skips as far in advance as possible. It is essential to give us more notice when you require a permit for your skip, we suggest giving 5 days’ notice when ordering a skip with a permit due to the council processing time.

When Would I Need A Permit?
Permits are normally required by most local councils for skips that need to be placed on public land, this includes footpaths and highways. Permits can only be arranged for a maximum of 28 days. In the majority of cases we will be able to arrange a permit for you. However a few local councils do require the hirer to apply for the permit, you will be advised if this is the case, if you would like to apply for the permit yourself we can guide you through the process on our permits page.

Do You Supply Business/Commercial Customers?
Yes, we offer skips to both domestic and commercial customers. We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards or through Paypal.However we do not offer charge or credit accounts.

How High Can I Fill The Skip?
Skips can be filled either level to the top or to the ‘Fill Line’ if one is indicated on the skip. Please note if you overfill your skip, above the indicated line due to health and safety rules and regulations.

What Happens To My Waste When My Skip Is Collected?
At Envirocycle skip hire we use a vetting process to ensure all waste disposed of in accordance with all local council regulations and that on average 95%-98% of waste is recycled. Envirocycle do not condone any sort of fly-tipping, our number one priority here at Envirocycle is to help clean up this world. Please check out our campaign page before leaving to see what work we do to make this a greener world and to see what petitions you could sign to save this earth for the sake of our children’s generations… do you have 30 seconds to spare?